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A Blockchain dedicated to decentralized financial (DeFi) applications and non-fungible tokens (NFTs)

PolkaProject’s Official Twitter Account Post:

August 15, Bholdus kicked off our panel discussion on NFT-ization of the real world. Our advisor, Brent Hovland — General Manager of Dish Network moderated the discussion alongside panelists Andrew Fai — DeStation Founder and Ronald Le — Founder & CEO of Bholdus.

  • Through cross-chain infrastructure, BHOLDUS is interoperable with $ETH $BNB $DOT and many others.
  • BHOLDUS helps with exchange of digital assets seamlessly with frictional cost
  • BHOLDUS is a public blockchain — where the businesses, banks, SMEs are able to tokenize their assets digitally for market expansion and enjoy unlimited access to global digital funding pools
  • BHOLDUS operates a hybrid model of facilitating transactions between traditional SMEs lending in emerging markets and global digital assets pools
  • BHOLDUS can scale up to 10K transactions per…

  • BHoldus token (BHO) will be a digital asset that stores values, generates yield (interest), and provides access to an open lending network.
  • The digital asset BHO (BHoldus) represents its owner’s voting rights over economic factors such as…


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