NFT in BHOLDUS network

NFT is one of the most popular trends in the Cryptocurrency market nowadays. With the desire to help users record their tangible assets on-chain with NFT and increase the speed of traditional finance, BHOLDUS is born to meet funding demands from SMEs, especially those in Southeast Asia who face a capital shortage of close to US$300 billion.

BHOLDUS uses NFTs to represent real-world assets and evidence for creditworthiness, such as audited financial statements, invoices, or audited mortgages. Issuing NFTs to represent these assets and information helps open doors for individuals and businesses to access new financing channels on DeFi space.

On BHOLDUS, SMEs can utilize these features to tokenize their assets, not only valuable financial data, but also amazing startups idea to reflect their creditworthiness in a transparent manner without additional costs for assessment process by any third party, thereby facilitating capital funding by interested DeFi investors. In addition, SMEs or other individuals can alternatively utilize the common practice of trading NFT as collectibles to buy, sell and exchange digital assets for more revenue.

For DeFi investors joining BHOLDUS network, they are assured of the authentic and accurate information provided by SMEs. Thanks to the unique identity of NFT, it is impossible to copy-cat these data as the NFT can be easily traced back to BHOLDUS blockchain network for verification.

BHOLDUS’s effort of making NFTs represent these assets and information is aimed at opening the door for individuals and businesses, primarily in Southeast Asia, to access new funding channels in DeFi space.

For more information and enquiry about Bholdus, visit Feel free to join our community via our telegram groups at and .



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A Blockchain dedicated to decentralized financial (DeFi) applications and non-fungible tokens (NFTs)